Sponsor an Element

Maybe you’d prefer to throw some money our way, by sponsoring an element of the film, see your name in the credits and have our forever gratitude. We’d love that!

To appear in the film’s credits, you can contribute $100 and over, and specify for which category and under whose name you're making the contribution.

Example Credit:
Stunts sponsored in part by [your name]

  • Catering for cast and crew (18 days = $225/day)
  • Lodging (Ariel hotel rooms, 40 room days total, $125/day)
  • Stunts ($750 each, there are 3!)
  • Ghost: computer visual effects (12 shots, each costing around $200)
  • Ghost: special make up effects (3 ghostly looks, $500 each)
  • Pyro Effects (like fireworks but for movies!) - $1000 (x4)
  • Cast and Crew Snacks - $100 a day (x18 days)

Please submit the form or email us at lorainmoviem@gmail.com to let us know which elements you would like to sponsor.